Our ethics

Our ethics are simple. If ethics ever are. They are based in respect to the earth we live on, for other people and the plants and materials we use. The Cailleach’s Herbarium is not about creating products without a social consciousness.

Wild crafting.

Where possible and seasonal, all of our products are gathered from around Scotland in a responsible and ethical way. We respect the individual spirit and nature of the plant materials we use. This means gathering and harvesting with respect to the spirit of the plant and, where possible, growing our own materials to use. We harvest plants in the wild responsibly and in keeping with the idea of only taking 20% of the material we find.


All of the materials we use are organic and gathered from places that do not use pesticides or other chemicals to help them grow or hinder other things from growing. We will only use organic suppliers where we have too and these are all based in Scotland.


The materials we use are from renewable sources and gathered with humanity and respect to any animals they may come from. Any animal products used come from the most ethical source we can find. Such as animals that have passed away naturally for leather for instance. No animal will be killed especially to create the products we make. The wool we use is hand spun and comes from responsible and ethical farmers in Scotland and no sheep were harmed during the shearing process.

Recyclable materials.

We use recycled materials for our packaging, especially for ointments and other items. We do not live in a limitless world filled with limitless resources and there are plenty of things we can use to provide containers for any products we create.

This does mean that packaging may vary from product to product, from season to season and from time to time. This is the nature of what we do. Rest assured that all recycled materials have been throughly cleaned and undergone a very robust sterilisation process to make sure your that anything you buy arrives to you in the best possible  condition.

We are open to any packaging requirements you might have please just contact us and well see what we can do.

Profit and costs.

Anything that we sell has to cover the costs occurred whilst crafting it otherwise we wouldn’t be able to continue. However, The Cailleach’s Herbarium puts any profit back into the communities of Scotland and supports charities that help support the traditional crafts of Scotland, forestry, and human and animal rights and help protect our environment. By purchasing anything from us you are actively helping to support grass root movements, social enterprises and charities in Scotland. The approach we take also ensures that costs are kept as low as possible which translates to savings to you and more for them!

If you have any question about any of this please don’t hesitate to contact us  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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