Who the hell is Sidhe? – Fairy Faith and Animism in Scotland. A Challenge to Divinity

This post has been a long time in the coming. I can only apologise for that, I have been busy researching for a new book that explores these issues in more detail. I was asked to discuss the idea of the Sidhe or Síth in Scottish culture. During research for the upcoming publication many ideas…

A graveyard of our ancestors

From Dead to Deity – How did the Celtic dead become gods?

I‘m sitting on a train.  It’s like a liminal space, I’m not moving but rushing forward at the same time. Travelling through the amazing Scottish landscape, it’s always a joy.  Even though a brown, white and green dusk coloured blur beyond the window. The sound of the train, the rock of its carriage, always makes my mind drift.  It gets…

Rusalki by Konstantin Makovsky

A Wild Witch Chase – In search of the Scottish Hecate – Nicneven

It’s the time of the year when I start thinking about the more witchier side of life. Wrapped in warm blankets,  looking out across to Fife and beyond as the grey clouds stream past, the apple trees shaking free their russet, yellow and golden leaves and sweet steam from my tea fogging up the window…

tigh nam bodach house of the Bodach

The Cailleach – A Tale of Balance Between Darkness and Light (Part Two)

The Cailleach is a very interesting figure in Gaelic even possibly Celtic myth and beyond.The above video represents some of the Cailleach’s folk stories, the first about the priest who tries to count the bones in her house and dies of old age because he can’t count them all there are that many. The other part…

Deer herd of the Cailleach

The Cailleach – A Tale of Balance Between Darkness and Light (part one)

As we move into the winter months I can’t think of a more appropriate force and mythological figure to write about. The Callieach is someone very close to me, and a reason why this website is called as it is. Recently I have noticed with interest posts written about her, some accurate some not so much, so I thought I would offer my humble opinion on this fascinating figure.

The healing well of Bride heapstown cairn (2009)

Airmed – herbal, plant working ancestor/deity – an inspiration

The inspiration for this site and what we are attempting to achieve came from a number of ideas that had been ruminating for a long time. One of these stories is about a Airmid from the Tuatha de dannann.